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Roasting coffee

What the roast?

As a style, I prefer to play within what many still call a medium roast spectrum. The new world on the street is how ‘developed’ the roast is. The local Specialty Coffee scene has almost exclusively focused on very light roasts. And while I love these and offer some lighter roasts myself, the reality is most of our countrymen enjoy large quantities of milk in their drinks. In fact, I created my darker roast profile, The Pavement Special, for friends who simply refused the lighter side of life. But there is a middle ground, and I guess I like playing in that sandpit for now.
To keep things consistent and adaptable, I roast on a Genio 6kg roaster. It’s locally manufactured and comes with all the bells and whistles one can hope for, including bespoke software that ensures graphic real-time tracking of every critical element in the roasting process.

Hand-roasted and delivered same day to your door!

Observatory, City Bowl and other scooter distance areas


Seasonal espresso blend: Always available and in two guises.

1. House Blend

Firstly, my house blend is a medium roast comprising a South American, Central American and African Coffee. I’m not a fan of Asian coffees yet, sorry.

2. Pavement Special

For those who like it more developed, I created the Pavement Special. Basically it just spends more time in the roaster after first crack. But it’s by no means an Italian Roast. That The Dude will not abide.

Speciality coffees

In addition to my two espresso roasts, I always have at least two single origin Specialty Coffees available (What is Specialty Coffee?). Ideally I will have one natural and one washed-process coffee, so that comparing these two traditional processing methods is a part of Origin distinction.

La Piramide, Colombia.

Washed Processed.

My newfound interest in Colombian Coffees is not waning. I’ve swapped out the excellent Los Naranjos for another incredibly sweet and complex number. If anything, the citrus from Los Naranjos gives way to more of an apple-like vibe, but super obvious as a secondary flavour note. I’ve gone quite light on this one, so keep away from the espresso machine and milk is my recommendation.

Speciality coffee

Mkulima Kwanza,Tanzania.

Natural Processed.

As usual, a naturally-processed coffee to complete the duet. I’ve never roasted a Tanzanian coffee before, but this came highly recommended. The Burundian naturals I’ve had for while have all been very whacky. That wild, fruity and slightly fermented vibe fully on show. This one is certainly much cleaner; more like a honey-processed coffee, but the ripe stone fruit action lingering on the finish remains. I’ve taken this one a little deeper, so espresso comes into play for sure, but it rewards pretty much for across all brew methods.

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