Brand Identities

Machine Room is a daylight studio in Observatory in Cape Town, they opened their doors in May 2019 and I had the pleasure of creating their logo. The initial idea from the client was to have a simple black and white brand using an Industrial font. After some discussions, we agreed that it would blend in too much with other industrial brands in Woodstock and Observatory. The Machine Room has one characteristic that sets it apart from other daylight studios: it has a fully functional prep kitchen and a range of kitchen props for hire. This is where we found our link between the industrial name and the humans that occupy the space: Kitchen machines. We took inspiration from various kitchen appliances from the previous century and came up with a logo reflecting the chrome lettering often seen on appliances at the time. A vibrant colour palette was created to support the cyan and white in the logo. The vibrant green, yellow and pink can be used when a pop of colour is needed.


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