Brand Identities

When Andrew Lundin started Get Cork in 2013, he asked me to set up a website for his new business. The site was done in WordPress on a shoestring budget, but it was enough to get started on this brand journey. The pinboards Andrew made did really well at markets around Woodstock, and he embraced social media right from the start. Four years later we realised that Get Cork has outgrown its website. The office administrator was continually answering the same questions coming in from the site. This could be solved easily with a much more informative website and an online shop.

Step one was to figure out who the site users are. We looked at Analytics and emails coming in from customers and set up three main user profiles, all decisions on the site layout would start with these users in mind. Step two was to build out the visual side of the Get Cork brand to include new colours, fonts, and photographic direction, that fits in with the ethos of the brand. It was also important that these choices resonate with the customers they already had. We put this all together in a concise Corporate Identity manual.  The groundwork laid by the identity manual made the website design decisions straight forward.